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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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this is al jazeera. hello, and welcome to the news hour. life in doha. the top stories on al jazeera. a storied vote in the turkish parliament can mean forces from turkish spaces. >> in iraq, isil fighters lose ground to government backs troops. after days of protest, the chief executive says he won't quit, but his government will talk.
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news of a big grudge match, as northern south korea goes head to head that's all coming up later in the program. >> turkey's far limit has voted to allow foreign troops stationed in turkey, to use it's military bases. that could mean u.s. and coalition forces launching attacks on isil could do so from inside turkey. turkish soldiers also have a renewed mandate to cross the border. let's get the details who joins us now near the turkey syria border. tell us, first, what this vote in parliament means and how did it go down? what happens interesting is there was hardly any
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mention of isil, and indeed in the legislation itself, the talks about terrorist threats, mentioned isil. what you heard in the debate, was talk about the threats turkey faces principally in this parliament, they talk about threat from the asaad regime. they talked about the threat of syria destabilizing the border area, they talked etch about the threat from the kurdish workers party, the pkk in northern iraq. as well as almost as a sideline, the threat from isil. so while the u.s. -- turkey sees much wider threats to it's stability. >> so, what then now as far as the fight against isil not far from the border where you are, in syria. what's happening on that front? >> first of all, now that
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this has been passed lit have to be renewed after 12 months. it gives the government an awful lot of latitude. very unlikely to see immediately certainly no indication that you will see very very soon turkish troops going into syria be this legislation allows the government to do that if it wants to. it allows the military, but against any terrorist threats. now this -- the kurdish syrian enclave remains threatened by isil at the moment. the last we heard from there is that the syrian curds are keeping isil back but they are hurrying them, they have been using hit and run tactics. they have kept them out so far, but either the
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pressure is on at the moment to try and somehow prevent this from being taken over by isil. >> thank you. reports on the fighting from france. helicopters fly overhead, providing much needed air cover. the pro government forces are inching closer, and they are confident of victory. >> we are supported the security forces and we are ready to defend our city with our lives. we challenge isil, as the tribe that has alone 9,000 fighters, i call on
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all the other sunni tribes. or in mosul cities, enough silence and wake up. rise up and join us in the fight against isil. they have already made significant gains. they show off equipment including mobile phones and foreign currency. which they say is hard evidence that they aren't iraqi. >> some tribal leaders have been claiming that i.s.i.l. fighters are rather iraqi local revolutionaries, but they are not. they are foreign fighters that came fromout side the borders to establish the so called counter fit on our land. we will continue fighting them. >> in am bar province, the army seems to have begin a morale boost, and tactical advantage by the coe light air strikes against isil bases. how, there are significant number in the
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area, so the fight is by no means over. >> other smaller towns are easier to take back, and with large numbers of fighters in control of the two largest cities falujjah taking back those areas representing a challenge. al jazeera, baghdad. >> a report says responsible for execution, rape, abductions, forced recruitment of children, and sexual and physical violence. it also accuses iraqi forces. in other world news, hong kong's chief executive has the cause from protestors to step down. and thousands of people are still on the streets.
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occupy the building doesn't step down. >> they are now -- to represent the effort, to meet with the update. to discuss the constitution. >> joins us live now, what's been the leaders response to see why they are offering talks. >> people are waiting for this, they are waiting right up to midnight, which is the deadline, and in a surprise move, he dave that press conference, they have a loud speaker here, and they had surrounded it, when he made those comments that they are going to continue dialog, and he wasn't going to step down, he was booed. now student leaders have interned called for protestors to remain calm. and they are open to
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those dialogs. with me, arthur lou has been protesting every day since people have been taking to the streets. passed by him, seen him, quite passionately protesting, what is your response to the chief executive position, not to step down, and to say that they are just going to open dialog? >> well, think while it is some -- schedule on the meeting it is still significant because it is the first time they came out from the movement, and not shying away from the protestors demand, and is trying to make the first step to proceed. so i think it is important. >> some have gone up oto the podium, and saying they want to keep it peaceful and they are doing to carry on.
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do you agree with that? what do you plan to do. >> yeah, i definitely agree with it. now that they have given us room for negotiations this is a civilized way of doing things. it is a very peaceful and civilized protest. are you worried there is going to be a split with the protestors? there has already been rumors that they don't agree with the methods being used? >> one of the leaders has said, it's impossible to have a completely unified view of what to do, so there will always be a minority maybe a more extreme opinion.
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these are minorities that come out to try to cause trouble, and i feel the people here are moderating themselves really well, and keeping calm, and advancing on the talks. >> the chief executive has said he isn't going to resign, many say it is unlikely that beijing will change their decision on giving people full democracy, what is enough for you? >> i think some sort of concession, any sort, just to mark that the movement was a success would be enough for me. we didn't come here in vaughan, to put all the sweat and effort in vein. some sort of step is taken then i would say it is successful overall. and there could be a second time, or third time in the future. one of the student protestors who has been here since the beginning, they are planning to continue the protests,
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open to dialog, but also calling for peaceful protests and there has been a call also not to disturb the citizens too much, as they still do need the support of the public here. >> thank you very much. coming up on the also al jazeera news hour, disappearing ice in the arctic is making life tough for the walrus. plus, death in bangladesh, what circus performers are failing to impress audiences. reunite his title challenge? i will hear from all the drivers ahead of the japanese grand prix. health workers are testing a patient in hawaii for the ebola virus. if confirmed it would be america's second case, a man in dallas who
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traveled the liberia has already tested positive. as many as 100 people including five children have had contact with him. the world health organization says for the second week in rah row the total number of reported new cases has fallen, but it points out cases are being underreported from several countries. overall, there are few signs that the epidemic is under control. as britain's foreign secretary make as plea for help. more from london. >> a few pledges i can tell you, the cuban government is here, they say they will be sending 63 doctors and more than 100 nurses. the australians have said that they are going to be giving $10 million the finish government is giving money, all of that is welcomed, but i think there's a sense that the fight against ebola, the coordinated international response is still some way behind the curb. if you bear in mind a
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very bleak warning say the children this morning they were talking about in sierra leone, five new cases every how, and they expect that to increase to ten new cases by the end of october. >> the island is preparing for a somber anniversary. 360 highn't grays drowned near the island a year ago. in the latest in our series, kim reports. >> they were considered the lucky ones. survivors of one of the worst ship wrecks italy has ever seen anybody all, the return is emotional. nor some, it is also a reunion. >> i was swimming along, no one was with me. >> she watched as her friends drowned around her. certain that she too would die. now she is back with the man who plucked her there the sea.
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it is hard, but i must succumb. >> because i have to remember my end froms, and come to the ones that saved my life. i want to thank him. >> 368 highn't grays perished, aboard a crowding vessel, and it statute off the coast. the world watched with horror as bodies piles ashore in the days after the sitting. but a year later, with civil war in syria, unrest in libya, and israel bombardment, more people than ever are pleaing. >> italian authorities are hoping the anniversary shine as spotlight. but also on why the european immigration policy, many here across southern italy feel the region shoulders an
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unfair burden, and that it's spending more on border militarization isn't enough. >> it was a massive tragedy that without doubt marked a page of pane which caused enormous suffering to my community. and led to an increase in rage and anger. because those deaths were not the fruit of an accident or disease, they were the fruit of wrong policies. >> e. u. border agency is about to launch a new border control mission off italy's coast, but registering and setting migrants across the continent. for the most part, they welcome the arrival. >> for me, there are people like us, and there are people who are threing from wars to come here. >> italy has always dealt with it well.
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they saved a lot of lives i don't think immigration will stop. >> an inescapable truth for those living among the echos of tragedy at sea, disasters they say without europe wide change, about to be repeated. al jazeera. >> in eastern ukraine, swiss citizen has been killed by a mortar bomb, it struck a building used by the red cross. separate is are again battling for control of the government held airport. tanks rockets and mortars are being used in the attacks. despite an official cease fire, the backed separate vest ow peteedly tried to capture the airport. friday has been declared a national day of morning. workers were dismantling old military mines at the
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factory, where serious safety breeches were reported by government officials two weeks ago. after almost five years a trial for war crimes is coming to a close. the former leader has denied being responsible for again side. simon mcgregor wood has more. one of them accused of master minding the massacre of 8,000 muslim men and boys. it was the single worse atrocity of the ball kin wars. he himself denines he had anything to do with it, he even claimed the numbers executed has been exaggerated. the truth is, that he never planned or orders these executions. and if you agree to the legal lynching of him,
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urged upon you, an innocent man will have been convicted. >> between 1992, and 1995, it was shelled by certain forces from the surrounding hills, civilians were shot by snipers, marketplaces were hit by mortars. he repeatedly accused prosecuting witnesses of bias, many were u.n. military on servers during the war, and blamed the serves for indiscriminate firing. but they drew superficial conclusions on superficial conclusions on the battle front. limited views with distortioned conclusions. >> at times on thursday, the performance was chaotic, and rambling, he tries to undermine the prosecution case, saying it's biased against him.
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and arguing that many of the witnesses have been unreliable, all along he has tried to portray himself as the victim of some sort of legal conspiracy. the senior prosecutor is confident the case against him is compelling. >> we have presented very strong evidence, and strongly believe it will be sufficient to convince the judges and to make sure there's no reasonable doubt left. >> the prosecution is described him as the driving force behind the worst excesses of the war. they want him to spend the rest of his life in prison. they hope his conviction will go some way to comfort the families of the thousands who died. al jazeera, in the hague. >> police in chili have arrested protestors from the community. they were demonstrating outside the palace against the killing of a fellow tribesman who was run over by a tractor.
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now to mexico, where families of dozens of student whose allegedly went missing at the hands of police, have joined thes to try and find them. rachel lavin has this story. >> 160 security officers have been mobilized. the students went missing after municipal police and unidentifies gunman attacked them in the southern city. six students were killed and eyewitnesses say local police arrested many, but nine have turned up in jails. authorities suspect that they may have been handed over to drug gangs who operate in the area. it's taken days for the government to organization these security forces, who admit they have little information to go on. >> these are members of the state police, they
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have been joins by the mexican military, they are stopped and decided they are going to start searching on foot, in the mountains that surround this area, for the missing students. >> for the first time they have joined by family members he has had no proof of life, only an anonymous threatening phone call. a day after his son vanishes. >> we know that organized crime operates here. we have discovered misgraffs so we have come here to discover any clues. >> neater the soldiers nor the police have any intelligence. desperate he asked anyone he comes across about his son. blue nobody has seen him. we follow the group as they seem to be wandering aim leslie, without a plan or destination. two family and supporters are forced to do most of the investigation, they have drawn up search routs and share them with the soldiers.
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the governor is offering $80,000 to anyone that can give information, but hope of finding them alive is dwindling. the search is taking place in the mountains, ditches creeks and empty lots. places that would be ideal to hide bodies. >> but the families are not ready to give up, they say they will keep searching until they bring their children home. >> and rachel joins us now life from mexico, rachel, a lot of people are critical of how the government has responded what's the government saying? they are not saying much. basically the mayor of that town fled the town, he is alleged to have links to organized crime. the governor of the state finally gave a response today saying that he would set up a hotline, and the president of the country basically tossed this hot potato right back to the governor, so
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there's a real sense of frustration, and indignation from people here saying the fact that the politicians the government aren't getting their act together, to try to help find these kids is because basically these people come from poor families. >> okay, rachel, thank you very much. we have been looking at the various. gabriel alexandar talks to supporters of opposition candidates. fine tunes the sounds getting ready to perform a small concert in the biggest shanty town in san palo. he wants to the music to be perfect, because the person he will be playing in front of he considered him the perfect choice to lead the country.
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>> silva has a lot to offer poor people and others like nit brazil. the proposals not only favor the rich, but also those underprivileged. silva bake a candidate six weeks ago when her running mate died. who grew up poor in the amazon and taught herself to read has captured the attention of brazilians. one poll suggested she would defeat in a run off, that caused the worker party to sharpen their attacks insinuating she is too weak to be president, something she has shot back at forcefully. based on proposals would debate, not yanking attacks. >> silva's running an
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unorthodox, almost zen like campaign. but with an unusual alliance of support. >> that coalition includes young people. intellectuals and poor people say they can relate to many of his own humble upbringing. she also has a side many wealthy liberal and conservative elites who view her their one and perhaps best chance of beating rusa. >> back at the schwabty town, crack as smile as silva finally arrives she is greeted like a hero. and the music starts and everyone is swaying to the tunes. she is confident hoping she will hit the right votes with enough voters to win. al jazeera, san palo. >> still ahead, the white house criticizing the latest israeli plans to build homes in occupied east jerusalem. the latest from japan where rescue teams are
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still working to bring bodies down from the value cano. in the asian games field, hockey time all the action coming up, stay with us. lap
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>> my name is shaquan mcdowell i'm a 17 year old teenager. i go to a public high school outside of the city limits of
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atlanta. it's 99% african american we do get a quality education. you know we have teachers that really care about us as far as the african american stereotypes, all the music they listen too is rap, they only use ebonics, they don't know how to speak proper english, they've never read a book in their life, all they do is get high, smoke weed, no... i've never been exposed to anything like that... coming from a mom who as a single mother, had her first child at 16, who is the ceo of her own company, me being someone who is about to graduate, who is the recipient of a full scholarship, the stereotype is absolutely flawed. >> did it ever cross your mind that. being a single mother that, your children may end up like the statistics say they're gonna fail >> being a single mom... raising five kids, i've always said you guys, you be 100% the best that you can be >> i would like to run for the senate in 2032. then it leads to the great big goal in life, to run for the office of the president of the united states of america >> catch more stories from edge of eighteen on al jazeera america
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welcome back, you are watching the news hour. hong kong's chief executive says he will not step down but has offered talks with leaders. a deadline set by protestors for him to resign. iraq's defense minister says 50 isil gunman have been kille killed and 30 villages taken back in the province. turkey's parliament has voted to allow foreign forces to use bases. turkey has also renewed a mandate into iraq and syria to fight isil. for more on this, i am now joined here in the studio by an acsis at that particular time professor of government.
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thank you for coming in. so the vote, in the, can iraqi par limb, but there was heated debate before it. did turkey simply have no choice but to agree to foreign troops using the bases? because until now their role in the coalition has been very unclear, did they have to go ahead with this? >> until recently, more specifically until the attendance in the u.n. annual meeting turkey was so southern it will not join the campaign against isis, militarily. but in the united states, it was cascaded by the allies of turkey, be isil fighters the united states basically, put we don't know what was put on the table against turkey, or in favor of turkey, so that the change it's mind. >> so you would say it is
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more international pressure that led turkey to make this move? more so than internal pressure? than turks wanting to get involved? >> it is not only an opposition against the turkey enrollment against isis, but this opposition was coming from the supporters of the governing party. >> until very recently, the prime minister refused to criticize the isis very harshly. there was a good reason for that. >> because they were hostages. but there are other reasons why turkey should have been cautious, because in the last two or three years turkey turned at least turn as blind eye to the activities in turkey, so there are serious claims that isis has some sense within turkey, so they
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can mobilize and activate those cells and commit some terrorist acts which may kill civilians and will put the government in danger. so i can understand why the government has been reluctant to be part of this, but what really changes their mind, in such a short period of time, i don't know. >> when you consider the fighting is getting closer to the border, near the boarder with turkey, is effectively in the hands of isil right now, they are trying to fight it back, of course, now this mandate allows for forces to make incursions into iraq and syria. will they do this? is there appetite to get among the poll tickets but puck llic opinion to get directly involved? >> the most recent public survey shows that 70% of the societies against
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enemy incursion. because the situation in north iraq and syria, northern syria seems to be very very chaotic, and you don't know what is expecting that. in addition to isis, there is -- >> because of the moment also the peshmerga forces. they don't know how these other players know them, because it is very explicitly stating they are against this mandate, the party which is -- kurdish population, the kurdish -- they voted no, and then they have been very clear, explicit that turkey should not have any role in northern iraq or in northern syria. it is understanding what they are trying to do, fight the isis on it's own resources but militarily supported by the international community, so if the
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p.k.k. can get really heavy weapons from them to fight, it will be an enormous opportunity to strike -- >> so really a dilemma for the tushish government. >> it was. >> thank you. joining us thank you. >> now, palestinian leaders say israeli plans to build more homes totally underfine the two state solution, and the peace process. the white house is also heavily criticized the proposals. from accused pied east jerusalem, what could be a new obstacle to peace. >> to israel, this is -- but for palestinians it is known as soon the mostly vacant tract of land in occupied east jerusalem, will be the site of a large settlement, last week, the municipal government cleared the way for construction companies to submit tenders for it's redevelopment. >> he shows me the plans
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for the project, which was first proposed in 2012, once completed it will feature more than 2600 units and will be home to over 13,000 people. >> it is not something new. >> whatever the case, the move towards starting destruction has sparked an international outrage. >> palestinians want this land as part of their future state. but they say, that building is settling here divides the land, and makes any plans for a future palestinian state increasingly difficult. >> u.s. president barack obama raised the issue in talks with israeli prime minister. obama told hip about his deep concerns of the plans while meeting at the oval office, and in a later briefing josh earnest went a step further. >> this will only draw
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condemnation from the international commute. distance israel from even it's closest allies. poison the sphere, with which the prime minister said he wanted to build relations. >> israel's construction of settlements in territories it has occupied since 1967, has been one of the main obstacles including the latest u.s. broker negotiations which collapsed in april. >> to totally undermine the solution. >> all settlements on occupies territory are illegal under international law, the developments will be the first to be built since the 1990's, once finishes it will completely separate neighborhoods in southern jerusalem, from the rest of the west bank. further complicating the borders of any future
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independent states. al jazeera, in occupied east jerusalem. >> suicide car boxers have attacked a base. fighting has also been reported in benghazi. seven soldiers are said to be killed as bombers attack add check point. it is controlled by forces to the renegade general. more bodies have been recovered from mount in japan. two volcano erupted without warning killing 47 hikers another 20 are still missing, bad weather is hampering efforts to try and find them. >> the rescue part of this mission is over. but these rescuers are still searching for bodies. more than 1,000 soldiers police and firefighters are taking part in the effort, some half buries
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in ash, and more on a hiking trail close to anoint. almost two dozen others are still unaccounted for in what's become japan's worst volcanic eruption in nearly a century. the government fears the dell toll may rise. they continue to detect seismic activity in the area. the mount is still spewing out steam after it erupted with sticky ash. the popular hiking destination was packed with hikes when they were trapped on saturday. media reports say the deaths were caused by rock injuries and asphyxiation. on the foothills is the village. people here are anxiously watching the billowing smoke. many are using masks as a precaution against the air born ash. she has been praying. >> i prayed for the
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eruption to settle so that our hometown would not be lost. that we would be protected. for a few hours on thursday, the search for the missing was stopped because of heavy rain. >> it is a painful wait for those who haven't been able to find family members. but on the mountain, conditions are tough. rescuers say it is like working in damp concrete as they carefully tread over crevassing hiding beneath the blanket of ash, but until everyone is accounted for, the task of looking for bodies continues. >> india's prime minister has been helping to tidy up a absolutely area in new delhi. the campaign which launched on the 145th anniversary of gandhi's birth, focusing on getting rid of human waste.
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circumstance kiss performers in bangladesh are worried about their future. circuses are struggling to survive. >> the lion circus, one of bangladesh's oldest entertainment institutions. it has been traveling around the country for 109 years. for many of the performers the circus is a family trade that has been passed down. but she worried her children will be the last to uphold this tradition. >> i am nervous about what my children will do when they get older, i am not sure. because i am not sure the circus will be around when they become adults. >> her children don't go to school, the circus is the only life they know. when child performers become adults they find they have few options when it comes to jobs. the trouble is, this generation also find they have few options inside the circus too. >> technology has
2:41 pm
transformed rural life. these days televisions are jeff where. leaving the best of global entertainment into everyone's homes. while villages can get their fix, just by looking at their phone screens. >> this wasn't a problem who has been in business for 40 years. when he joined the circus was thriving. back when i started there was no satellite t.v., there were not so many t.v. charms in the uncan either. and there were not much radio, there was no internet p. >> the circus still manages to draw a small crowd, even if sometimes it does so by giving away tickets for free. not everybody in the villages is hooks to their t.v. screens. >> it is nice to have an activity that lets you get out of the house, people don't get to leave the house for entertainment very off. >> it costs the organizes about 500-dollar as day to stage the circus.
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they say on a good day they are barely able to make back their money. there's more ahead on the news hour, including -- >> in vermont, the first u.s. state to require labels on all foods containing genetically modified ingredients. but even in this very green state that law is meeting challenges. >> and here now on the verge of yet another goal scoring record, details are coming up very shortly, do stay with us.
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welcome back. in alaska beaches are overcrowded with a record number of walrus. 45,000 have been forced to shore, because arctic ice has disappeared. they rest there between dives for food. let's speak to the international conservation organization called oceana. thank you very much for being with us, so, tell us, first, about what these walruses to come to shore. >> well, the walruses are sending us a message, and the message is climate change matters. typically walruses will haul out on sea ice so they can get to their food, which is clams and snails. very rare for them to haul out on the land, because it is harder for them to access food, which is obviously a life or death proposition.
2:45 pm
but because of climate change, sea ice is dwindling and there are fewer places for them to haul out, and that's a problem, and that's really what we are starting to see here. now, of course, climate change is being driven by our use of fossil fuel so there are a number of things we are doing that are making it worse. including the interest in drilling for offshore oil and gas. and so in a way what we are doing is going in the wrong direction, we are trying to do things that make climate change worse. >> so essentially, the animals have run out offshore sea ice, what is the biggest immediate risk factor for the walruses right now? >> well, it just makes life harder for them, it makes it harder for them to survive and get the food they need, right now they are looking to feed, and lit be harder for them to do that on the beach, but really, the issue is the larger one,
2:46 pm
not just about these walruses but about many in this region, we think there are a couple hundred thousand up there, and we know that these are the kinds of animals that if they have trouble surviving it is hard for their populations to come back. we used to have walruses in the atlantic, but because of hunting they are gone. >> what needs to happen very quickly? >> well, first of all, we have to stop making the wrong decisions which is the continued quest for oil and gas in places like the arctic offshore. where we know it is one of the most difficult places to possibly be drilling for offshore oil and gas. it is dark, and cold, a lot of the year you can't see, you have floating ice, much more complicated to clean off spill for example than it would be in the gulf of mexico, and yet we continue to press on ward in that and that's something that we really need to stop. >> all right, thank you very much. thank you for talking to us joining us there live from washington.
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>> the first u.s. state to require labeling on all foods containing genetically modified foods. >> the state of vermont takes pride in it's mountains it's legendary ski slopes and the locally made ice cream that is sold around the world. now ben & jerries is promising to eliminate all genetic hi modified product, well before the mandatory g.m.o. hailing law goes into effect. >> the company has been outspoken in campaigning for the law, the way it says the fighting against the domination of big corporate interests. >> we buy ingredients from small holder cooperatives, from coco to vanilla and sugar. we think smaller scare,
2:48 pm
is a better form. so our concern is that this just further industrializes agriculture. >> but ben & jerries position is at odds with the giant multination company which owns it. they have joins other food manufacturers in defeating labeling initiatives in other states like california. but hailing was an easy sell in vermont. activists here like organic farmer and state senator say it's a matter of upholding the consumer's right to know what they are eating. >> there's a lot of different farming techniques that people use. and people should know what they are, but in the specifics of g. m. os they have a right to know because of the environmental and health consequences. but dairy farmer calls the labeling law a scare tactic. by groups whose ultimate law is daning the products without having to come one evidence that they are harmful. >> if you don't base your
2:49 pm
findings on scientific fact, i don't know how you can make that assumption. i think the consumer is being duped. >> g. m. o. opponents accuse the federal government of taking the side offing a rah business, but the obama administration is offering an alternative that it says could satisfy everybody. it propose that is companies mark their packages with an electronic quick response code. for an ex-tannedded bar code, some kind of mechanism, that people can use if they are interesting in knowing what is in this product, they can have all the information. >> meanwhile, at least 20 more states have become battlegrounds. over their own laws. >> time now for sports. >> now, through grudge matches and there are grudge matches and then there's north verses
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south korea. the two nations that are technically still at war, played each other in the men's football nba. the south korean team had been promised two years exemption from military service, if they broke a 20 trout and won gold. no chance of that this year, went to extra time with south drea scored in the last minute. clenching victory, and preventing the match from going to a penalty shoot out. now when it comes to north and south korea, sports and politics have always been closely linked. north korea boycotted the asia games. both in seoul. but there was a break through in 1991, when the two nations competing together for the first time at an international table tennis champion and football tournament. the two marched together at the opening ceremony, and then again in 2004,
2:51 pm
however, relaterring falters following the games, but they improved again when they were invited to compete in a weight lifting competition in the north korean capitol. and the team of 150 to these games. >> well, italy takes some consolation in the fact that they team won gold. another huge rivalry played out on thursday, with india taking on pakistan in the men reese hockey final, it was the 8th time the asian games but the first clash in 32 years. inked yeah having beaten the arming riles only twice. this did go to a penalty shoot out. and eventually winning 4-2, it means they have a place in the 2016 rio
2:52 pm
olympics. >> i am happy, because i have done my part. and they gave 100% for the team, and we won. >> who did they tell you in the shoot out. >> wanting -- that that is going to get you a goad meld call. to the road with a women's marathon, again, of bar ran taking the title two hours:25, and 37 seconds. got to the track eventually. he is not in a personal battle, he just wants to get on with his job for barcelona. the number ten is just three goals short of the all time scoring record. but they currently have
2:53 pm
five goals in the league this season. the portuguese is of course the current world footballer of the year. >> i don't compete with him, i mr. play my game, do my job, and i am not interested in competing with him or anyone else. individual awards i am not worried about. that is our goal, playing at bores lanna means you have to try to win everything you are playing nor. >> the european clubs are currently in action as we speak, the three in the middle of your screen, nearing their conclusion. holders severe losing against croatia, leading their game earlier, score add late goal. the leader of day one of the golf's downhill championship, three courses and andrews all used for this event, many
2:54 pm
of the victorious war back on the fair ways and so was their captain. the man that matter minds the victory. although this was just for a par, you can see he finished on level par. eight belined the first round leader, that is oliver wilson, he also played and he had a great day racking up nine birdies dropping just one shot and leads by a straight. formula juan and sunday's japanese grand prix, could be disrupted by a typhoon forecast to hit land. heavy rain reached the circuit on thursday, a lot more winds are expecting at the typhoon pass it is coast. the start time for the race, which takes place at 0600 on sunday, could be without forward, but astoria isn't a likely option as the russian grand prix takes place the following weekend, as for the race itself, it is a big weekend.
2:55 pm
the more december driver teammate by 3 points and he is without a grand prix win since july. the former world champion is well off the pace in terms of the championship. just hoping for a good performance, weather permitting of course. >> i hope that we can race on sunday that's the first thing. i think it is -- with a typhoon coming this way it is tricky, hopefully it will miss us. going to be a mixed weekend in terms of wear. a good chance of rain as well. iraqi think it is really thinking on your feet, and staying on top of the different weather forecasts. >> roof fell nadal is going well so far, he has reached the quarter finals of the china open. the 2005 champion has been out of action for 13 weeks. germany's peter in straight sets 6-3, 6-4 the score.
2:56 pm
i was able to win, and find the solutions. so that enabled me to play again tomorrow, and will try my best again. >> 6th seed andy murray, after a straight set victory. the former wimbeldon champion is ranked 10th in h the race in london. but these are good results here. to the top finals in november, next up for the clash for the u.s. open champion marian. serena williams has made it through to the quarter finals. her match with some great rallies including the one which saw williams dig dip. cross court forehand ending the match. her challenge was unsuccessful soser serena is moving through. in major league baseball,
2:57 pm
the two playoff games taking place with detroit at baltimore. kansas city takes on the angels. on wednesday the giants beat the pirates. to reach the national league divisional series. the wild card game was scoreless, when a grand slam hope tore put the giants 4-0 up. it was the first grand slam in post game history. madison also kept the home crowd quiet, as he shut out the pirates giving up four hits in the game. winning this 18-0. all the sport on our website check out forward slash sports preview there on the japanese grand prix taking place this sunday. raul, thank you very much. and that's it for this news hour on al jazeera, thank you for watching adrian is with you next, i hope you stay with us.
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>> hard work! >> hard work! >> dedication! >> dedication! >> hard work! >> hard work! >> dedication! >> dedication! >> i didn't ever tell y'all this little story guys, about david and goliath. the big ol' giant and the little ol' david. that big ol' giant it was the hurricanes, the ones that was